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As A Business, How Do I Send Money Abroad Online?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Online businesses and sending money abroad, how to?

Millions of small, medium to large businesses conduct business overseas that transfers billions of dollars every year. Whether the business component to pay invoices and employees abroad, take advantage of currency fluctuations or receive money from businesses that are based overseas there are options.

Are you tired of conducting the traditional archaic way of moving money abroad such as ACH transactions, wire transfers, or bank to bank transfers which not only take time but can be much more costly?

You qualify if you are a freelancer, sole-proprietor living abroad, individual day trader based overseas, small to medium businesses, or large, enterprise companies can partake to save with new seamless alternatives such as TransferWise's Business account.

TransferWise caters to the individual consumer who needs to make an individual transfer and to the business who needs to send large amounts of monies overseas to pay its employees or settle an international invoice.

Freelancers, individual day traders, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, are you looking for an alternative to your existing business bank accounts?

small business sending money abroad

Yes, register with TransferWise and select the Business account option that offers free invoice templates, so you can send locally based invoices to your overseas accounts, save on international-based charges, and opt-in to get a TransferWise Mastercard debit card which you can use anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted. It is time to stop using costly alternatives like PayPal and move over to a TransferWise Business account.

Small to medium-sized business, besides the above, what else is available for us?

small, medium-sized business sending money abroad

With a Business account, you can also send out batch payments, receive, spend, or send money overseas in multiple currencies. Imagine buying inventory or goods in the currency in which it was made? Imagine paying your employees in the currency in which they reside? Imagine handling your payroll with the real exchange rate in almost 80 different currencies? The savings are mindless and in many cases, you can save well over 20 times on these types of international payments. Furthermore, you have an option to create an online account without a local address and setup bank details in specific countries or regions such as the US, Singapore, Europe, Australia, Hungary, New Zealand, and others. Take advantage of currencies in which you conduct business, as this gives you an edge on saving on purchases overseas. Get started today if you need the following for your business:

small business integrating TransferWise with accounting software

Accounting integrations to systems such as FreeAgent, Xero, QuickBooks. Do you perform batch payments and are having issues? Do you use products such as Bolt, Hubstaff, TimeDoctor, or Wolt to make batch payments? Signup now to make it easier and seamless for your business.

Do you require an Open API where you want to integrate your business systems and make automated payments and streamline your business invoice workflow? Signup now to get TransferWise's Open API to make this happen.

Some of the features available include the following: Sandbox account to allow you to test your integrations in a safe environment before going live, API documentation so you can understand and learn how to implement and take advantage of TransferWise's Open API features, obtain 24/7 customer support services, and generate API tokens to help you manage and build your tokens for easier integration into TransferWise's website. Regardless of the type of business you manage, TransferWise Business accounts endorsed by moneyXFR can help you provide an immediate impact to your bottom-line.

TransferWise for Business

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