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Do You Want To Know A Quick And Easy Way On How to Earn Money Online?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

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You will earn $115 once you complete reading this article all for free!

There are extensive ways to earn some extra pocket money these days. Perhaps you want to learn how to save extra money or develop new techniques to get you toward your income goals.

Today, We are going to provide a quick and easy example of where you can earn while you spend. Primary essential spending is spending when you buy groceries, pay your mortgage payment, or purchase gas for your car - you spend money regardless since you need those fundamental goods for basic needs.

Secondary spending is non-essential spending on consumer items such as a luxurious watch, the latest smartphone, or spending on a particular hobby or service.

We enjoy these the best.

Statistics show that spending on these secondary goods compared to what we deem primary essentials triggers satisfaction in almost any person that does this type of purchasing. Hence it is important to develop a strategy to get you to enjoy those items that provide you with a sense of satisfaction. Strategic spending should be something that every consumer should be aware of.

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Strategic spending? Strategic spending is a forecasted method in how you can take control of your spending and maximizing your savings over time.

When you start seeing the savings you will become hooked - trust us! Starting a strategic spending method will get you to your secondary essential spending much quicker. However, we are going to call this methodology strategic savings, not strategic spending.

Strategic savings is the end goal. While you spend money it is imperative to learn the art of saving.

A simple example: Let’s say you spend $100 a month on a specific service. Over a course of a year, you have spent $1200. This is something that is fixed if you do nothing. You will continue to spend that $1200 per year until you no longer need that service.

kid calculating formula in how to save money

You see the savings! Now let’s take a strategic savings approach.

Let’s use the same $1200 example, however, we are going to apply a tactic to get some savings. If you spend money online there are options to obtain savings or get paid by the companies that you use their services.

Competition is fierce and online companies know that - they want to attract every single dollar paying customer as possible otherwise they can potentially cease to exist. Online companies offer coupons, discounts, or referrals programs.

Regarding the $1200 example, let’s assume that the service company offers a referral program that will give you $75 per referral that signs up and uses the same service that you are currently paying for. Let’s say you have two friends that may need that service and you refer them to use the same service provider and - wow - you just earned $150. So now your $1200 fixed spending cost has now been reduced to $1850 giving you an extra $150 to allow you to buy that secondary item you always wanted. Skies the limit here as there is an extensive amount of these types of programs. If the company doesn’t offer them - then ask, you risk losing out on savings and more money in your pocket.

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Let’s put this into action with a real-world example and something you can use now.

Do you or anyone you know transfer money overseas, do you keep money with an online bank, or do you pay friends with services such as Venmo, PayPal, etc.? We have a new alternative that will get you cost-savings and get you more money in your pocket. TransferWise is a well established online money transfer service that provides online banking services such as wire transfers, remittances, and can help you transfer money from a credit card to your bank account at very low costs, secure and fast. In addition, once you have registered your account, you gain the following features: multi-currency account, optional debit card, and competitive low fees compared to bank credit cards! TransferWise has a great referral program that will pay you $115 USD if you refer three friends that perform an online transfer. In addition, the friends you invite will get a discount on their first transfer, so it basically sells itself while you earn. We guarantee your local bank will not give you $115 dollars to conduct a money transfer service. A friend of ours recently sent me a notice that he received to indicate the amount of money he just earned. See the confirmation email.

TransferWise money program to earn $115 USD

If you don’t believe me try them out for yourself. Sign-Up here. If you prefer not to save them no worries that is your prerogative, however, you are here for a reason and you want to earn money or save money.

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Just imagine how many friends and family promotions or referral programs are out there. There are tons in almost every type of internet business related to shopping or services you can find them.

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