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Pinoys Read, If You Want To Make $5500 Pesos! Offer Ends Soon.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Earn over 5,000.00 PHP when you sign-up with TransferWise - the top rated online money transfer service in 2020!

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It is almost 2021, do you want to earn some extra cash? If you are Pinoy and the answer is yes, keep reading. Offer ends soon so bilisan mo!

We have a simple, easy way - so no nosebleed - for you to earn over 5,500 PHP ($115 USD). If you register now by clicking on the following link, and sign-up with TransferWise online money transfer service plus it’s all for free. Hurry before the offer ends. Please note this offer is for bank-to-bank online money transfers so this does not apply if you require the money to be picked up in person, however, take advantage of the TransferWise way to make some money.

Perhaps you are not aware of TransferWise. It’s ok. We have all the information here for you. Continue reading to get all the information before you make a decision. It is best to be informed of all your options. TransferWise is a London based company that started in 2015 with one purpose in mind - to revolutionize the online transfer business by challenging companies like Western Union, PayPal, InstaRem, etc while maintaining security, speed with low transfer costs. As of 2020, TransferWise offers the following features at no extra costs:

  • Send and receive to over 60 countries

  • Lowest transfer costs

  • No hidden fees

  • Competitive exchange rates

  • Multi-currency account

  • Debit card option

  • No minimum balance required

  • Send via debit, credit, ACH, Google Pay

  • Business account options

  • Referral program

Oh yes! It's Free

All for Free!!!

One feature not available on TransferWise that you should be aware of is that TransferWise does not offer in-person, cash pickups like Western Union or MoneyGram. If you require those services then you would need to use those companies, however, they will charge very high prices for that option. If you can spare a few hours to a day or so, try TransferWise to save and make some money by opting in the referral program. Remember these companies have hidden or not competitive exchange rates hence that is why you pay more for these companies. If you are like us and like competition without losing service, speed, quality then why not use TransferWise as an option.

PHP Pesos and flag

Do you still want to spend more money or make some money? I think you know the answer! You already use either Western Union, PayPal, Xoom, Remitly, InstaRem or MoneyGram to send or receive money online - why not sign-up with another provider to get paid after you do a couple transfers? It’s Free money! If you don’t want free money then maybe stop reading - if you want to make a few extra bucks then keep reading.

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In the Pinoy market, online money transfers have very competitive rates where companies like Remitly or InstaRem offer super low to zero fees - excellent! Those companies definitely have very, low fees, so we are not going to say that TransferWise will give you the lowest rate, but the difference is not much. However, you need to ask yourself, if they are not charging any fees, how do these companies make money? Good question - most of these companies charge a higher exchange rate, so, many times, you end up paying more even though they do not make it clear. So do you research.

If you want to know more, read our article about the mid-market rate and money transfers. It explains what the rate is and how online money transfer companies charge. Perhaps you may save with those other companies, but you will not get paid by them. In fairness with TransferWise you can get paid while the other providers may not charge as much fees, but not many, if any, pay you to send money online - TransferWise does!

Get on board with the referral program to start earning some extra money. Regardless if you live in the Philippines or if you are an expat living overseas - you qualify. A recent study by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) estimated 10 million Filipinos living overseas. which constitutes to almost 10 percent of the total population of the Philippines. Filipinos work hard and sacrifice a lot to live and work abroad, so Pinoys command a good price to send their money to their loved ones whether they live locally or abroad.

The Christmas holidays are almost near and perhaps you need a few extra bucks to buy your niece or nephew a present, or maybe you want to buy that gift for yourself - why not, buy something for yourself this year. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and thanks to God we are here still alive and enjoying life. Treat yourself to something nice - you deserve it! Here are the nice and easy steps to follow: 1. Sign-Up by clicking on the link here.

2. Register with TransferWise

3. Once you perform a couple of wire transfer you will receive your referral coupon from TransferWise

4. Once you get that referral coupon from TransferWise, you tell three friends and have them use your referral coupon, once they send money through TransferWise - you will get paid! That’s it! Cool, diba?

Take a look at our notice from TransferWise that we recently received. We received this notice from TransferWise as we had our third referral signed up and sending online money transfers with TransferWise. 5500 pesos coming to us. Not too bad, right? We believe you can do the same to get your money.

TransferWise invite program

Tell all of your friends to sign-up through our link, you will get more benefits if you refer them to our sign up link.

So get started and do a few transfers, get some friends to sign up and get PAID. Remember once you get paid you have the option to go back to the other online transfer providers of your choosing. However, we believe, you will enjoy using TransferWise and perhaps you may use it all the time. Good practice says to always check out the competition and see what is best for you. Remember that those other companies do not offer the features mentioned above. In our opinion, it is best to have as many options to choose from. Why not have an extra online money transfer service that will pay you when you refer some friends.

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Come on and join the well established over 8 million active TransferWise users throughout the world that take advantage of cost savings, speed, fast and secure online money transfers - so come and join the club and make some money.

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